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Newsletter July 2020 Covid Edition
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19 jul. 2021

Newsletter July 2020 Covid Edition

Dear friends of Betula,

Hope you are all safe and sound. This newsletter we wish to dedicate to our Covid 19 support activities. The deadly virus has a huge impact on the lives of people all over the world. Because of the lockdowns for months in a row so many jobs got lost. Families lacking income, no food on the table. Many countries still without any social security or food banks present.

We tried to help where and how we could, as we as well were under lockdown. Luckily we could rely on the support of our local partners   and volunteers. They assisted to help to provide food and other means of support. Through our swift action we have been able to donate almost 1000 food packages in Vietnam, Cambodia and  Thailand over the last  3 months.

Herewith a special thanks to all who helped to make this happen and to the WP Schmitz Stiftung from Germany who almost completely financially supported this important action.