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Newsletter October 2020
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19 jul. 2021

Newsletter October 2020

Dear friends of Betula,

I do hope that this newsletter finds you and your loved ones in good health. Where we hoped that Covid would affect our daily lives only for several months we are now dealing with it for almost nine months and there is still no end in sight. Vietnam had its second wave in July, luckily it was contained within 2 months. Even though the numbers of positive tested people in South East Asia are low there are still no international flights without 2 weeks of quarantine. For the countries here, which heavily develop on tourism, it is catastrophic.

With the new school year starting in September the October newsletter always focuses on our support to keep children in school and the full moon festival celebrations for the children throughout Vietnam. This year due to the 2 waves and lockdowns many families lack the financial means to send their children to school. We therefore helped almost 100 children throughout Vietnam which is almost double the normal number.

The school support means that we pay between 100 and 150 euro per child per school year for the books, uniforms and some other cost that varies depending on the grade the children are in. We can do this because of your support. Thank you.