In the past our foundation has been asked to help people with a wide range of health problems. We supported care for men, women, elderly, children and people living with a disability. 

People sometimes wonder why our help is needed as many developing countries have health insurances and free medical health care for the poor.  

This is true though not all treatments for the poor are free. Treatment for communicable diseases such as SARS or bird flu and diseases or injuries caused by natural disasters is always free. Free care is also provided for diseases such as leprosy, progressive tuberculosis and mental diseases. This still leaves many treatments uncovered. 

Insurances cover only treatment cost for the limited services listed in the policy and treatment needs to be approved in advance. Many services are outside the approved-service list. Moreover some treatments are only covered partially, sometimes 30% of the total cost. 

An additional problem for poor people is that they lack the money to travel (regularly) to  the hospital. They also need to buy food and pay for boarding during the time they wait  hospital admission. This sometimes take several days. More over hospitals can simply state that they too are to poor to provide free treatment and patients often need  to pay "tea money” for nurses and doctors.  

Before we support anyone, all the above is checked carefully with the help of our local partners to make sure your money is well spend. 


There is a saying in Vietnam: "Good health is golden.” Imagine the feeling of being sick, but lacking the money to visit a doctor or to buy the medicine you need; let alone being able to afford serious procedures like surgeries that require long hospital stays. What good is it going to school or having a job if you are not healthy. Being healthy and staying healthy is paramount in life. BAAF, therefore, helps individuals and supports projects that solve health and health-related problems. This is so everyone gets a fair chance to enjoy school, work and family life.

Income generating activities (economic independence) for disabled and otherwise stigmatized groups

Over 80% of disabled people in developing countries live below the poverty line. To help reduce this number inclusion of people with disabilities and other stigmatized people in society is necessary. BAAF believes that the best way to realize this is to encourage economic independence by supporting employment promotion and businesses start ups. This includes activities relating to vocational training, microfinance and micro-insurance.