Eye care project for children in Bac Giang Province, Vietnam:

During this project, 100 children had their eyes checked. All children where examined within two days and approximately 20 children were eligible for operations within the following weeks. This included corrective surgery for cross eyes, cataract, artificial eye ball etc. The total cost was approximately 2000 Euro.

Construction of school for minority children:

Location in Luc Ngan District, Bac Giang Province, Vietnam. Total cost about 8,500 Euro.

Construction of houses for single women with children without a home:

Total cost about 2,500 Euro.

Vocational Training Centre:

Introduction of dozens of disadvantaged and disable youth from Bac Giang with appropriate vocational training centres in Hanoi City. Vocational training in hospitality or sawing and embroidery. 

Construction of school for HIV infected orphans in Ba Vi, Ha Tay province:

An orphanage for about 50 children needed a school for about 25 children. Donation of food, cloth and blankets for the same children. Total cost 15.000 euro.

Monthly school fees paid for children in Bac Giang and Hue:

School fees varying from 20 euro per month for evening classes and 50 euro for regular classes.

Eye care project for minority people in Bac Giang Province, Vietnam:

100 people who were predominantly adults received eye checks in BacGiang Provincial Hospital. Within 2 days, all were examined and approximately 35 people were eligible for operations. These operations were mainly for cataract. Total cost of the project was 2000 euro. 

Project for hearing impaired children in Bac Giang Province: 

Approximately 30 children had their ears examined and hearing aids were provided for cases where it was applicable. Total cost of the project was 1500 euro.

Micro loans for 2 girls with a disability: 

This project involved building a small shop with the purchase of a sawing machine to encourage independence for the two girls who wanted to establish a small business enterprise. Total cost of the project was 700 euro.