History of Betula Asian Aid Foundation

In December 2002, Kees van den Berk, the founder of Betula Asian Aid Foundation (BAAF), went to Vietnam to work as a consultant for the German Development Service (DED). Because of his work he could experience life in the Vietnamese country side.

He saw a vast contrast in the living conditions between urban and rural people. He was shocked to see how people with disabilities in the rural areas had to struggle through life and how poor the conditions were for centres that cared for orphan and disabled children.

In 2005 he started to help these people. He organised and implemented projects to assist the blind and disabled; supported disadvantaged youth to receive an education; and built schools for HIV-infected orphans and minority children.

All this took place through a locally established network of NGO’s, vocational trainings centres and public institutions, such as hospitals. He conducted a wide range of concrete projects with the basis that no one would be excluded because of their age, gender or ethnic background.

The founder’s commitment to the DED and later to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation for many years made it difficult for him to gather his own projects and carry out his vision of establishing his very own foundation. Now the time has come to do so. We are happy to announce that from August 2012 BAAF is founded.

We hope that through the foundation of BAAF we can improve and expand the good work and we may continue to rely on your support for years to come.