What we do?

Our Objectives

Our objective is to help disadvantaged, disabled and otherwise stigmatized people to stay part of or be further included into society, their local community or family. We wish to achieve this by offering direct, small-scale and personal support through a local network in South East Asia.

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BAAF provides direct support through a network of local reliable organizations and persons, who are in direct contact with the target group. 

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Support will mostly be provided case-by-case to examine what the specific need is. BAAF will always assess the possibility of individual contribution either through monetary donation or other incentives by the individual to show their engagement.

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Small scale

BAAF uses the existing local facilities when offering (health) care. This is seen to be more efficient and cost-effective, moreover it supports the local economy. Small amounts can lead to great results. 

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BAAF will be active in the South East Asian region. The support BAAF wishes to provide is (para) medical treatments, operations, equipment, (special) education, vocational training and support to have an independent existence.